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  • There’s no great video without great audio design. A video with bad, noise filled audio design just turns off most viewers. When you next need to produce a video and are looking for the right business, ask about their audio design. What do they use to capture the audio? If they say ‘Oh, the camera microphone.’, do yourself a favor and move on.

    Magnetic Arrow works with audio design experts to make sure all projects have the best sound, all the time. From recording the source to mastering recorded audio to custom music, we have an answer for you.

  • We use studio grade tools for capturing subtle, textured, and highly detailed voice overs in our audio design. Our video team’s audio design uses wire free microphones for super sound capture from on-screen talent. Our audio team uses tools like Logic Pro X audio design software to get the best possible sound out of each recording. Getting the best audio is more than having reliable tools. It comes from those who are using them to capture the audio in the first place: the background and experience our team brings to your project.

  • Our audio design team comes from varied backgrounds including live theatre, film, television, and music. We are creatives who show up, tackle any challenge before them, and are driven. When it comes to improving to bring out the very best possible, we’re non-stop. When you team with Magnetic Arrow to produce your project, you’re getting years of know how in the field. Turn on the power of creatives who know their skill set and get you pro audio design. Packaged and mastered we meet your needs on time and on budge. Contact us to get a custom quote for your next project.

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