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  • People gravitate towards attractive packaging when looking to buy, hoping the product will meet up to the promise.

    Magnetic Arrow helps businesses find the perfect wrapper for their perfect product so customers will be drawn to explore the services, solutions, and products you offer.

    That’s why we like to say “Our Business is Making Yours Better”.

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    Ryan Reinike

    — Creative Director

    Ryan is Magnetic Arrow’s Creative Director serving as project manager and client advocate ensuring the client understands every step of the process and that the development team meets and exceeds client expectations.

    His experiences in the entertainment industry, marketing, branding and presentation give him a unique ability to know the capabilities of a production and the desires of an audience.  He has melded these skills with his passion for design serving ventures in New York, New Orleans and along the greater Gulf South.

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    Curt Simpson

    — Lead Developer

    Curt is Magnetic Arrow’s lead developer and architect, enabling our applications to utilize the latest technologies to ensure agile, compatible, and secure solutions.

    He has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, helping them design and develop the function and usability of their web sites and applications. Curt originally went to school for video game art and design. His professional areas of interests are gamification, design patterns, and product development.


Super Powers

  • Application Development
    Web Design
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    Graphic Design
    Coffee Snobbery

Our Office

  • Magnetic Arrow is based in the Innovation Center in the city of Biloxi in South Mississippi; serving up unique, creative, and potent solutions to web design, branding, and application development.

    Get in touch to schedule a meet up; we work wherever you are – near or far, thanks to Al Gore’s internets.

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