Getting Your Head in the Cloud

What can a flight in the Cloud do for your business?

You may have heard a lot coming from the world of tech buzzing about ‘The Cloud’ – Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are throwing their hats in the cloud ring, indicating it’s a good plan to get on board before you get dragged there! ‘What is cloud computing anyway?’, you may wonder…

In short, the cloud is simply a name to refer to an application that is remote (not stored on your computer). As modern web browsers become more powerful, we will see a shift towards the adoption of this computing. The benefit is that your information and processing of it is being handled by far more capable machines with better encryption than your laptop. And what if that laptop was to take a bath from a mis-placed cup of coffee? The hardware, while not free, is able to be replaced – the irreplaceable content from imagery to basic information in documents is not so much so.

However, if you were working on a document on your company’s cloud services – you could simply walk up to another computer, input your credentials, and pick up where you left off! Cloud hosting also allows real-time collaboration with your team, automatic backups, and so much more. It’s a better way, and it’s here today.

Contact Magnetic Arrow to learn about custom cloud solutions we can offer your business.  From centralized, easily managed secure email, document sharing and collaboration across your entire team, to high-performance super-computing, Magnetic Arrow Designs can take you there.

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Helpful resources for understanding Cloud Computing:

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