They say an image is worth 1,000 words and so we’ve found that to be true – even more so for video. While text-based content is the mainstay of information, nothing sweetens the pot like catchy, well executed photography, video, and motion graphics. Why does photography, video, and motion graphics make such an impression you may wonder. These elements come to us, rather than us having to come to them – they unfold and engage us on a very comfortable level for the audience. While nothing can make up for poor content, if it is framed in an attractive and clever way using photography, video, and motion graphics – it becomes compelling (The Lone Ranger, anyone?).

    Check out samples of Magnetic Arrow’s photography, video, and motion graphics to see how good we can me you look.

  • Photography

    It all starts with the single frame. Setting an atmosphere. Capturing a moment. It can mean the difference between highlighting your product or relegating it to the closet, depending on the outcome. Magnetic Arrow employs talented photographers with sense of moment, frame, technical skill, and unlearnable spirit to best capture those moments that capture your breath.

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Real Estate Photography

We’re happy to now be offering affordable, powerful real estate photography to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Service areas include Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs – pretty much from Louisiana to Alabama and far north as Hattiesburg!

Find out more about this exciting opportunity to give some rocket fuel to your listings and help close faster for a greater asking price!

  • real estate photography in ocean springs

  • real estate photography in biloxi

Check Out How We Can Help You Market Your Real Estate Listings!

Video & Motion Graphics

Below are projects from our photography, video, and motion graphics works that highlight the video and motion graphics specifically. These works exemplify the power well done video and motion graphics can lend to a production and to conveying information to an audience that would otherwise prove too dense for mere words to the average viewer to both with, but because the content is active, lively, and artfully done a seduction takes place -unbeknownst to the viewer – as they are encouraged to settle down and let your message come to them.

  • Magnetic Arrow Designs for Lazy Magnolia Brewery

    Lazy Magnolia Brewery

    The Original Mississippi Craft Brewery. Lazy Magnolia Brewery, located in Kiln, Mississippi is one of the choice craft breweries in the South. Their popular standard Southern Pecan, Southern Hops’pitality, and Timber Beast have won over the palates of fans nationwide. We’re proud to have an on-going relationship with this local brewery, continuing to develop their […]

  • Hyper Office Cloud Computing

    Illustrating the power and use of modern cloud computing.

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