Many people think what web design is is simply some graphics and clicky links on a web page without appreciating what is says to the world about their product or service. At Magnetic Arrow we know the value to be gained from potential customer as they interact with the vanguard of you business – most likely that’s what they see and feel when they visit you online.

As essential as graphic design and branding is to the sustained success of a company, so is its web presence. Think of the last time you may have used an incredibly frustrating website (insurance, anyone?). How did that leave you impression of the overall product? Probably not in a positive light. Unfortunately some business owners have sites hastily and cheaply put up as a band-aid years ago using outdated technology and with no care for how the user will interact with it (UX – User eXperience).

A Fast Company article “Why User Experience is Critical to Customer Relationships” sums it as:

User experience (UX) is now becoming a critical point in customer engagement in order to compete for attention now and in the future. For without thoughtful UX, consumers meander without direction, reward, or utility. And their attention, and ultimately loyalty, follows.

We invite you to let Magnetic Arrow audit your current web design state and give a brief overview of our findings, recommending simple way to improve user experience, customer engagement, and strengthen your brand.

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